Quick Guitar Tip - Sliding with SFS

    A couple of days ago I released Part 2 of the "How to Sound Musical" series (btw thanks to everyone who liked and shared). Today's video is the "express" version of that lesson 😀. 

    In this super-quick lesson we look at how the String Fragment System helps us to implement creative sliding into our guitar solos. Being able to play lyrical guitar solos is a skill that even the best guitar players work on all their lives. That's because there are no limits to your potential if you practice effectively. You can learn many techniques and play hundreds of exercises, but they won't do you any good if you can't apply them in real music.

    Watch this video and discover how SFS allows you to immediately apply the simple trick of sliding, in a musical and creative way:

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    Thanks for watching, and remember:

    Enjoy your Practice and Be Effective!

    Prokopis Skordis

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