Minor VS Major Pentatonic Scales

    Last week I posted a lesson called "Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales Guitar Fretboard Relationship", here on the String Systems Blog. This week I have one more lesson, on the same subject, but tackling it from a slightly different perspective. [Note: This one is actually the 2nd video lesson I ever recorded, so you'll notice that I'm a little green and uptight 😳. But the lesson itself is very good even if say so myself πŸ’ͺ😎🎸.

    Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales may seem to the untrained eye like they are the same scale, because they seem similar on the guitar fretboard. But there's actually a substantial difference between them! In this lesson we learn about harmonic context, which is what makes a minor pentatonic scale sound completely different from a major pentatonic scale. Discover the concept of harmonic context in this EMP video called "Major VS Minor Pentatonic Scales":

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    As you can see from the video lesson, there's more than what meets the eye when you examine the relationship between these two scales. You can't spot the difference just by looking at a guitar fretboard diagram, or just by saying that "the A minor pentatonic scale is the same as the C major pentatonic scale”. You need to hear the difference, because music is a hearing art!

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    Thanks for watching, and remember:

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