Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales Guitar Fretboard Relationship

    Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales sound very different, but at the same time they have a lot in common. That becomes increasingly obvious when you look at how they are laid out on the guitar fretboard. In fact someone might argue that they are one and the same.

    But in order to appreciate the real difference between a minor pentatonic scale, and a major pentatonic scale, you need to hear, and observe them, in a musical context. Learn about the concept of harmonic context in this EMP video called "Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales Guitar Fretboard Relationship":

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    As you can see from the video lesson, harmonic context is the key to understanding the true relationship between these two scales. You can’t appreciate the difference just by looking at a guitar fretboard diagram, or just by saying that "the A minor pentatonic scale is the same as the C major pentatonic scale”. You need to hear the difference. After all, music is a hearing art!

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