Learn the Notes on the Guitar Fretboard in 7 Easy Steps

    When guitar players start out to learn the notes on the guitar fretboard, they usually learn the names of the guitar string notes, and stop there. The vastness of the guitar fretboard seems overwhelming and chaotic.

    In my many years of teaching guitar I realized that guitar students need something more than just a guitar fretboard diagram to help them with this difficult task of memorizing the fretboard. That's why I developed a fun and effective series of drills that help you learn the notes on the guitar quickly and effortlessly. Learn about this system in this EMP video called "Learn the Fretboard in 7 steps":

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    As you can see from the video lesson, memorizing the fretboard does NOT have to be boring. With Fretboard Memorization Toolbox it can feel like a fretboard memorization game.

    The free mini course package includes video drills, PDF documentation, and mp3 backing tracks, which you can download or stream online. There's also a guitar fretboard diagram for each step, but it's not supposed to be used for dry memorization. It's just a guide to help you work through the videos, and you will discover that after a few minutes you won't need it!

    Just have fun with the drills, and watch how locating the notes on the guitar fretboard will become second nature!

    Thanks for watching, and remember:

    Enjoy your Practice and Be Effective!

    Prokopis Skordis

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