Guitar Soloing Tips - How to Sound Musical - Part 1

    Guitar Soloing, and improvisation in general, is a complex subject. But no matter how many techniques and exercises you practice, they are useless if you can't use them in a musical way.

    If you've been following EMP for a while, and watched some of my solo guitar lessons, you probably already know that one of the reasons I prefer using the String Fragment System, instead of learning box shapes for scales, is exactly because it helps you play more musically. It helps you connect to the sound of what you are playing, it helps you develop fresh ideas by moving freely around the guitar fretboard, which is very different from memorizing a box shape and then... having no clue what to do with it! 

    But still, even with the flexibility of SFS, you do need some way to deliberately add new ideas, and build a real improvisation language that sounds musical. Watch this lesson and begin to turn your knowledge into musical creativity:

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    Thanks for watching, and remember:

    Enjoy your Practice and Be Effective!

    Prokopis Skordis

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