3+2 Diagonal Pentatonic Scale for Guitar

    A minor Pentatonic Scale can be played in many ways on the guitar fretboard. The traditional (and boring) way to learn pentatonic fingerings is trying to memorize box scale patterns. But that's an ineffective way to practice. Many guitar players hoard up books, pdf files, scale charts, watch hundreds of videos, and still fail to master the pentatonic scale on the guitar fretboard using that approach.

    In this lesson we look at a special application of the String Fragment System that allows you to immediately travel the fretboard, and play the Minor, AND the Major Pentatonic Scale, in multiple fretboard areas.

    This is a very easy and effective trick, well worth adding to your guitar soloing language. So watch this lesson and learn how to 3+2 Diagonal Pentatonic Scales:

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    As you can see from the video lesson, this is just one of the possible applications of the String Fragment System. In fact, I initially developed this system to teach vertical, and not diagonal fingerings. But I soon realized that the possibilities are endless!

    If you want to learn more about using SFS, I highly recommend that you sign up for the free SFS Fretboard Secrets lesson series. This free crash course will get you on your way to learning any scale you want, in a very short amount of time, WITHOUT memorizing classic guitar scale "box" patterns.

    Thanks for watching, and remember:

    Enjoy your Practice and Be Effective!

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